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Hobie Lynx Front Net Mount

Hobie Lynx Front Net Mount

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We are please to introduce our Front Net Mount for the Hobie Lynx. This is designed to use either the front left or right 2 screws on the front of your Hobie Lynx and allows you to quickly store your YakAttack Net within easy reach. The carbon fiber mount is durable and light. 

Please note: Mount the net at an angle with the handle angled toward the center of the kayak. This keeps the net on the kayak and not dragging in the water while keeping the net at a comfortable angle to grab. (see included pictures for reference)

The top holder is easily removed by pulling up on the holder. It will separate from the base with firm pressure. Note: if you live in a colder area this may feel too loose due to shrinkage. We recommend adding a small bit of electrical tape to fine tune its snugness to your liking/conditions. 

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