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Hobie Lynx Rear Mount for Garmin 54 CV & 73 SV (DownVu Xdcr GT21-TM or GT56)

Hobie Lynx Rear Mount for Garmin 54 CV & 73 SV (DownVu Xdcr GT21-TM or GT56)

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Introducing the SuperYak Fishing Hobie Lynx Rear Garmin Transducer Mount.
Yes the Lynx already comes with the perfect spot to locate a transducer. However, if you have the Texas Power Paddle Remora system like many of us do, that spot it now taken. Using an arm to hang the transducer on the side is not ideal (more drag, can snag lines when fighting fish, additional setup/take down time) so we designed this to mount most smaller Garmin transducers with a simple zip tie.

This does take your spot for a Power Pole, but if you don't use a pole this is the perfect solution for you.

The transducer is high enough not to snag anything in the water and also not drag on the ground when on land. In the rare event you do smash into something hard, this is designed such that the zip tie can break away instead of the mount or your finder. Simply replace the zip tie to remount. We have used this method for a year and have never had it break yet as the sonar is well tucked under the Lynx. 

Included top and bottom bases and a zip tie. (Reuses original hardware)
Available in Black (Other colors upon request, but may have an added cost)

Note: This design works for Garmin Fish finders that look like the picture (Garmin 73 SV and 54 CV). Fits any Garmin with their 5 screw attachment plate. Other transducers may fit. Email us for confirmation as new mounts are in design.
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